Slow down and look at me, touch me and lick me all over, take your time and don’t stop until you hear me scream
— Marian

Tantric Massage in London

A tantric massage is a slow and relaxing experience with no beginning and no end. A deep connection between you and me will be created to enable you to feel in harmony and intimate. Together, we will take time to watch, touch, kiss and massage each other. By prolonging this process, the sexual energy will build up in our bodies; you will slowly surrender to your vulnerability and therefore experience more enjoyment.

Extended foreplay and carnal sex will follow our tantric massage in the same relaxing flow so when you finally reach your peak, it will be an explosive mind-blowing moment, which will last longer. This experience will recharge you and make you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Relaxed and energised, at the same time, full of inspiration with a fresh zest for life. The tantric massage experience is a timeless experience from deep relaxation to ecstasy.

Erotic Massage in London

There is no denying that massage fulfills a deep human need; the need to be touched and it is probably the oldest form of therapy in the world. It evolved from natural and perhaps even instinctive behavior as a means of easing hurts and stiffness and helping a tired or tense body to recuperate. Sensual erotic massage is an intimate art, an ancient practice using professional techniques and aromatherapy oils. An erotic massage is a psychosomatic experience which combines the physical with the mind; it is a fusion of environment, preparation, pressure points and sexual pampering. It is as much about how to touch as it is about where to touch. A sensual erotic massage is the ultimate stress reliever. You will feel relaxed throughout the experience with all your senses tickled and energised. Reward and inspire yourself by taking a journey through the discoveries of your body.